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Upcoming Events for   09/21/18


SPORT DIVER RESCUE COURSE Starting at 1:00 pm  Ending at 7:00 am

SPORT DIVER RESCUE COURSE  will be held on Friday night September 21 through Sunday, September 23.

Friday night will be at Divers Cove at 6pm for a classroom session.  Saturday and Sunday will be at the dive site.

Learn how to handle emergencies and take care of your dive buddy.

CPR/First Aid are pre-requisites for this course.  We will hold classes for this on Sept. 5 and Sept 19.

Cost for CPR/1st Aid:  $95 per person  /  Cost for Rescue course:  $ 300.00

Scuba equipment available for rental if needed.

Call Divers Cove to sign up 860-767-1960  or   e-mail  chris@diverscove.com