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ADVANCED DIVER COURSE Starting at 6:00 pm  Ending at 9:00 pm

ADVANCED DIVER COURSE starts Wednesday, July 11, with a classroom session at 6pm.

DIVING WEEKENDS are July 21 & 22 and July 28 & 29.  Both weekends must be done for certification.

Topics covered will by buoyancy, compass and navigation, night dive, simulated decompression, wreck dive, and more.  This course will certify you for 130 ft depth and will allow you to expand your dives to include wrecks such as the U853 UBoat.

Cost is $350.00 plus boat charters.  (Depending on which operation we use, price ranges from $90. to $140.)

Equipment, travel/meals not included.  First weekend includes lunch on Sunday.  Equipment rentals are available - 2 weekends for price of one.

Call Divers Cove to sign up 860-767-1960 / or e-mail  chris@diverscove.com