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Upcoming Events for   04/07/18


DRY SUIT COURSE Starting at 9:00 am  Ending at 9:00 am

Get dry suit certified - course starts on Saturday, April 7, 2018, at Divers Cove, 9am to 12 pm

One classroom session on April 7 / One pool session on Monday, April 9, in New London / Two Open Water Dives:  Date to be determined - Cost:  $ 249.00  (Includes use of drysuit and insulation if needed)

Learn about different dry suits and materials;  see how physics and physiology applies to dry suit diving; learn how to doff and don the suit and maintainence.  Extend your diving season and dive spots - be comfortable diving on our dive charters to Gloucester MA or Block Island Sound!

Call Divers Cove 860-767-1960  or  e-mail   chris@diverscove.com  to sign up!