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Upcoming Events for   07/07/17


ADVANCED DIVER COURSE Starting at 6:00 pm  Ending at 6:00 pm

Now that you have your Basic Scuba certification, expand your knowledge and experience by taking the Advanced Diver course.  This certification will train you to be able to experience and participate in lots of boat charters and diving on wrecks! You will experience many types of dives, including quarry dive, night dive, navigation, boat dive, and wreck dive.

Classroom is Friday, July 7, at 6pm at the shop.

Diving Weekends are:  July 15 & 16; and July 22 & 23.  Both weekends must be done for certification.

Cost is $350.00 plus boat charter(s).

Call 860-767-1960   or e-mail   chris@diverscove.com    to sign up.