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Upcoming Events for   08/17/17


RESCUE DIVER -POSTPONED TO SEPT. Starting at 6:00 pm  Ending at 6:00 pm

Rescue Diver Course is being postponed to September due to a scheduling conflict for the instructor.  New date will be posted soon. 


Learn how to help your dive buddy and yourself in various situations by taking the Rescue Diver course.  Classroom session is Thursday, August 17, at 6pm at the shop.  Water practicals will be on Saturday, August 19 and Sunday, August 20.

CPR and First Aid are required for final certification, and will be provided upon request.

Cost for Rescue Diver course is $300.00. 

CPR/First Aid cost is $95.00.

Call 860-767-1960   or  e-mail  chris@diverscove.com   to sign up!