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Upcoming Events for   07/31/17



Join us for our annual trip to the St. Lawrence Seaway in Canada  - July 31 (travel day) - August 4, 2017!

Diving with Thousand Islands Pleasure Diving - 4 days / 3 dives per day - $460.00 per person, for the diving, including lunch on the boat.  Water temperature will be in the 70's !! 

Lodging will be at the Capricorn Motel Royale in Ivy Lea Ontario - $ 200.00 per person /for 4 nights

Total for diving and lodging is $660.00.      Cost does not include transportation, equipment, meals, air fills

3 spots available - Call 860-767-1960  or email:  chris@diverscove.com to sign up

Don't forget your passport!!