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Snorkel / Scuba Mask, Fins & Snorkel Care


  • Fold the strap over the lenses
  • Set the mask on your face without the strap
  • Breathe in through your nose – like you're smelling perfume or flowers
  • While breathing in, let go of the mask and look down
  • If the mask stays on and you don't feel any air getting in, you have a good seal; which equals a great fit!
  • If it seals well, put the mask on with the straps; adjust the strap just until it's comfortably snug. If the straps are over-tightened, the mask will be distorted on your face and not seal well.


  • Before using the mask: clean the lenses with your fingers and any brand toothpaste; rinse; repeat 2 more times. This gets the manufacturing film off the lenses; then the spit or defog can work best
  • Snorkel is designed to be worn on the left side. Attach the snorkel keeper around your left mask strap. Slide the keeper up or down to adjust for comfort when using mouthpiece.
  • When you are done using your gear for the day, rinse with fresh water, and let air dry in the shade.
  • Store your fins either laying down or hung by the strap. If left standing on the tip, it will eventually deform and not perform well.
  • Keep your gear out of direct sunlight. If at the beach or in your car, cover the gear with something so that the sun doesn't beat on it.

When you are done using your gear for the 'season'

  1. Take a tiny amount of dish detergent between your fingers and wash the 'skirt' of your mask (the part that sits on your face and nose). This will clean off suntan lotion/body oils and help preserve the integrity of the mask.
  2. Rinse the snorkel and clean the mouthpiece.
  3. Rinse the fins.
  4. Air dry everything and store covered away from direct heat.

We at Divers Cove hope that you enjoy your snorkeling equipment for many years! If you have any questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to contact us.

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