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Scuba Tank Fills

Scuba Diving Air Tank Refilling

Divers Cove can fill your tanks, usually while you wait, providing the tanks have a current hydrostatic test date and visual inspection date.

We can fill tanks with air, nitrox, and tri-mix. We can also fill tanks for paintball as long as the service dates are current. Nitrox and tri-mix fills require separate certification cards at time of filling. We bank 30% and can blend any mixture that you need.

Our compressors are well maintained and our air quality is tested every 3 months and certified.

Tanks must be hydrostatic tested every 5 years and stamped accordingly at the top of the tank. Visual Inspection must be done every year and re-labeled with a current sticker. Divers Cove can provide these services, as well as Eddy Current testing for thread cracks, in-house, as needed.

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