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Scuba Diving Rentals

Connecticut Scuba Diving Rental Equipment

Divers Cove has a full line of scuba equipment available for rental. Just because you haven't purchased your own equipment yet, doesn't mean you can't go diving. We even have "fun" items, like cameras, metal detectors, and propulsion vehicle, for rent.

In order to rent tanks, regulators, and buoyancy compensators, you must bring your scuba certification card. For nitrox tank rental you must also present a nitrox certification card.

Call the shop at 860-767-1960 a day or two ahead of when you will need the equipment to make sure everything is available. Items can be picked up the day before you will be using them.

Tanks - with Air Fill
(must have scuba certification card)
Tanks - with Nitrox Fill
(must have Nitrox certification card)
Regulator with octopus/gauge console/inflator hose
Buoyancy Compensator
Weight Belt with weights
Hood / Hooded Vest
Dive Computer
Underwater Camera
Metal Detector
Dive Flags

*Note: These are just photos of some of the rental equipment. The brands displayed might not be the brand you receive.